Lottery – Global Gaming’s
Favourite Game

In 2016, lotteries accounted for 29% of global gaming revenue, but only 10% of the online sector. Globally, lotteries are the most popular form of gaming and 1 in 4 players play as part of a syndicate. While jackpots continue to deliver () – there are indications that these trends are only likely to increase.

Unlike sports betting, where any store or app offers betting on events throughout the world, lotteries are bound by geography and jurisdiction that limits player participation.

Lancellot enables players located anywhere to participate in lotteries around the world without needing to be present at the location in which the lottery takes place.

Lancellot Boosts Lottery Operators

The platform provides new revenue streams and marketing tools for lottery operators throughout the world through its gig economy methodology and social sharing approach.

Business Leverage

The world`s largest taxi company owns zero vehicles

The world`s most popular media owner zero content

The world`s most valuable retailer has zero inventory

The world`s largest accommodation provider owns zero real-estate

The world`s largest lottery network zero infrastructure

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Transparency and Trust

Step One:     
A players choose a lottery draw to play and becomes a part of a purchase group, the tickets are purchased through an approved Lancellot courier which buys and handles the purchase for the group players.

The amount of tickets a single player purchases determines his share in the purchase group.

The winnings from that draw are shared between the players as per the tickets purchased, as well as a commission to the Lancellot courier. 

Step two:
Prior to each draw, the group’s Lancellot approved courier receives ticket funds, purchases the corresponding tickets, scans them and uploads it to the app for the group’s players to see, and transfer the tickets to an approved and legally monitored custodian service until the draw has taken place.

Step three:
Revenue from winning tickets is automatically calculated and distributed proportionally among the group’s tickets holders and courier through Lancellot’s platform.

It’s Better to Play Together

The Lancellot platform provides viral engagement by using the network effect of players and local couriers around the world. Players can find lotteries anywhere in the world to play in through the local Lancellot couriers that create the Lancellot lottery groups.

Additionally, Lancellot provides a new secure channel with access to previously inaccessible draws for the 25% of global lottery players who are already using their social groups to share lottery purchases. 

The Lancellot platform is user friendly, financially secure, fully transparent and utilizes state of the art security measures.

Founded by Experts

Eitan Haimovich, Founder & CEO
With 15+ years’ experience in managing startups, Eitan balances the needs of all functions –
partners, employees and investors, in creating a
harmonic work environment and a successful

Kfir Eyal, Partner, CRO
Co-founded and led 3 Profitable companies-from the ground up into millions in revenue.
Personal fortes: Sales, Marketing, Monetization, Payments,User Acquisition, Growth & Partnerships.

Yaniv Gold, VP Customers Support Manager
More than 10 years experience in management,
sales, international marketing and business
development. Yaniv is a passionate business
development executive with a great sense for
making partnerships work.

Tal Zolberg, Partner, VP Marketing
An experienced marketing professional, with
expertise in Search Engine Optimization and an
established history of working in the gambling
and casino industry.

Eugene Grekov, Partner, CTO
Experienced Chief Technology Officer with a demonstrated history of startup founding and management. Strong Frontend/Backend/Mobile software engineer with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) from Computer Science, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

Orit Yasu, Esq., Legal & Managing Partner
In-house counsel with an experience in leading and drafting complex international commercial contracts, using risk management strategic and overseeing the execution of the contracts.